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Addendum (鹿岛 神 传) 直 心 影 流 - (Kashima Shinden) Jikishinkage Ryu

In my contribution: (鹿岛 神 传) 直 心 影 流 - (Kashima Shinden) Jikishinkage Ryu some drawings were shown that were unfortunately not translated.

My thanks to the well-known author, professional translator and member of the club Nihonto SESKO Mr. Markus, who has taken the time to translate the drawings professionally. Of course I would not deprive the readers of this blog:

diagram of the Kama in relation to the Five Element theory:
The Chinese oracle teaching (ekigaki, 易学) naturally moving into our ryû held. For the swordsman of the time, who lived in the belief that his life could the next day to an end, Oracle as the I-Ching and horoscopes were as essential Kyusei (九星) is important. The latter, literally "Teaching of the nine stars," is one inherited from the old Chinese folk belief, based on the combination of the following nine "factors": white water, black earth, turquoise wood, green wood, yellow earth, white metal red metal, white earth and red fire. The diagram below shows the kamae positions with respect to the Five Element theory, specifically arranged for advantageous with oracle technical sense, in other words by Seigan (精 眼) in Jodan (上 段), of Jodan in wakigamae (胁 构), of wakigamae hasso (八 相), Seigan of Hasso Gedan (下 段), and in thoughts.

The advantages of the kamae exchange you should memorize the following scheme:

sôkoku (相 克) - Damage Cycle
water soaked earth → Earth choked wood → Wood makes metal blunt → metal takes heat (fire) → fire evaporates water
Wood → soil → water → fire → Metal

Sosho (相 生) - Nährungszyklus
can burn wood fire → ashes (by fire) enriches the soil with nutrients on → Earth brings ores (metal) show → trace elements (metal) animate water → water nourishes trees and plants (wood)
Wood → Fire → ground → Metal → Water

The five virtues and their corresponding element :
wood = jin humanity (, 仁)
metal = righteousness (gi, 义)
Fire = shin Ethical behavior, etiquette (rei, 礼)
water = wisdom (chi, 智)
Earth = Q (, 信)

bokken no to (木 劔 之 图) - Illustration of the bokken

top left: tsukagashira, 4.2 * 3.5 cm
lower left side view of the handle
middle: back view (mine, 峰)
right : Cutting (ha, 刃), total length 3 shaku 3 sun (~ 1 m), handle length 9 sun (~ 27.5 cm)

tachi no to (太 刀 之 图) - Illustration of a tachi (although here a katana is shown)
(from Yamada Jirôkichis [山田 次郎 吉] work "Jikishinkage-ryū)

upper left to right: mekugi-ana machi, shinogi, boshi
Nakago, Toshin

picture below from left to right: kashira, menuki, tsuka, mekugi, Fuchi, tsuba, Seppa, Habaki, koiguchi, kurigata, Sageo, saya, Kojiri

habikitô no to (刃 挽 刀 之 图) - Illustration of a blunt steel sword
handle length ~ 28.8 cm, blade length ~ 106.4 cm
two mekugi, Gyaku-menuki, position of menuki on the ura side, flat-hiramakie winding
(from Yamada Jirôkichis [山田 次郎 吉] work "Jikishinkage-ryū)

Fukuro-shinai no to (袋 韬 之 图) - Kodachi no to (小 太 刀 之 图) - Illustration of a Fukuro-shinai (shinai leather-trimmed) and Kodachi

• For a bokken or bokken-Kodachi is high quality wood with Masame structure of the Japanese white oak (shirakashi, 白 樫) used
• A Fukuro-shinai like a normal shinai is made of four bamboo strips, which taper towards the tip

right image: total length 3 shaku 3 sun (~ 1 m), handle length 9 sun (~ 27.5 cm), with leather-Part 1 shaku 6 sun (~ 48.5 cm), part of the tendon with eight sun (~ 24.3 cm)

left picture: total length 1 shaku 6 sun (~ 48.5 cm), handle length sun 5 (cm ~ 15.2)

Here are some books on the subject:

The ultimate source:
Kashima Shinden-ryū Jikishinkage 鹿岛 神 传 直 心 影 流
Author: Yamada Jirōkichi 山田 次 朗吉

Hardcover Published: 1927.

Kashima Shinden Ryu Kenjutsu Book Jikishinkage
The origin of samurai swordsmanship from Kashima Shrine. The god of Bushido - Kashima - a symbol of justice by the sword.
Author: Masaru Iwasa
Format: Hardcover, 295 pages
Language: Japanese
Price: between $ 69.95 - U.S. $ 79.95
Reference by

Koryu Bujutsu: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, Volume 1 Edited by Diane
Paperback, 192 pages
Koryu Books
ISBN: 1 - 890536-04-0
Price: U.S. $ 19.95 by reference



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