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Nihonto - Club

addition to the known NBTHK there for those who want to deal seriously with the Japanese sword, since 2008 the "Nihonto-CLUB.

The "Nihonto-CLUB" is not an association, but is made of collectors together, have the fun of it. The club wishes to encourage scientifically, historically and culturally interested persons to participate in the development of knowledge, and promote knowledge sharing. Its activities are focused not for profit and almost cost-neutral. Therefore, there is no admission fee and no contributions, only the paid consumption of cheap and good food, or drinks in the pub by people meet is to cover costs of the Club room.

The club says explicitly that he will not tolerate any dealer activities, since most other purposes will be pursued, which coincide with those not of the club.

This contrasts with the expressed desire to rely on the more serious members, mostly long-time collectors who want to deepen their knowledge with others and exchange.

Important for newcomers!
to want to buy before you decide a sword, it is advisable to acquire sound knowledge.
good literature and knowledge sharing with experienced collectors can protect against unpleasant surprises.
This is by internal events and meetings with lectures and a demonstration of the good members be achieved.

The club, through its expert member Markus SESKO published some interesting books that I can recommend grundweg. One of the books I had already discussed in my article " New book on 'Japanese sword' . Marcus was also from the " report of the 'Japanese Sword Exhibition 2010' " and has reared an interesting report.

Release 2011:

the Name of the club Nihonto Germany
€ 49.90.
Books on Demand (BoD) ISBN 978-3-8423-3868-5

Paperback, 112 pages

This catalog covers part of the blade of the club Nihonto Germany. Described are forty blades, twelve of which have the status of NBTHK Juyo token. Explanations are the blade from time Koto, Shinto, Shin-Shinto and Gendaito. There is a version in German language and a separate in English. To be obtained via

BoD and now at AMAZON

stories around Japanese sword
€ 29.90
Books on Demand (BoD)
ISBN 978-3-8391-5271 - 3

Genealogies and Schools of Japanese Sword Smiths
€ 34.90
Books on Demand (BoD) ISBN 978-3-8391-8347-2

Contact Nihonto-CLUB:
secretary and founding member
Joachim Hoppen
Phone: 02622 / 902 870
web page



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