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How Many Computer Can I Install Flight Sim

"Shiraha no ya ga tatsu" 白羽 の 矢 が 立つ

Es gibt eine Redewendung in japanischer Sprache:
" Shiraha no Ya ga tatsu "(the arrow with the white feathers taken = selected)

白羽 の 矢 が 立つ
しら は の や が たつ
shiraha no ya ga tatsu

Shiraha is the white feather and Ya the arrow The full phrase is: ". shiraha-no-ya ga tatsu" or "shiraha-no-ya where Tateru"
You use this phrase when someone has been selected for a particular location (task) .

There are many legends about gods Japan claim that human sacrifice. One of these legends tells of a God who shoots a white-feathered arrow on the roof of the house in which lives the girl he desires as a victim. This gave the phrase "shiraha-no-ya" was originally a tragic meaning in the sense that it was selected from a large number of people as victims.
Today is the phrase used in Japan rather in the sense that a happy person was selected for a responsible, among many other applicants.

However, since the original meaning still resonates subconsciously, is not in this case, the person congratulates directly. Such congratulations of which would chosen from among the person was only cause mixed feelings and a touch of envy.

For this reason I have chosen for my fletching feathers for the "shooting war" and white feathers. We will see pictures and info. Unfortunately, the historical arrowhead from the Edo period is lost in the mail. This should serve as a template for the blacksmith. After all, we must provide about 90 arrows with tips.

Thank Kieko, the note was very interesting!



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