Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colors On The Faith Bear Means

interesting exhibition for friends Japanese crafts

WAZA, Traditional Crafts in Kyoto. 27. January to 27 March 2011

Japanese masters present their crafts on Thursday 27 January, Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 January 2011.

Miki Shimokawa guest curator of the exhibition presents approximately thirty different artists and their enterprises. They stand for traditional, partly endangered crafts, which are maintained in the old imperial city still, no-masks. Bows and arrows, valuable papers. Lamps, combs, divine circle, candles, boxes and other crafts exhibits will be made not just for show, it will be you 14 artists from Kyoto at the beginning of the exhibition of all interested Visitors to the emergence and participate in the design of their works can be. The works are made with precious and traditional materials and the traditional tools and give Japanese traditions, their existence is not always assured.


Museum of Applied Arts

Schaumainkai 17 60594 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069212-340 37
Fax: 069212-307 03


My thanks to Nicole for pointing that out.



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