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(鹿岛 神 传) 直 心 影 流 - (Kashima Shinden) Jikishinkage Ryu

My preference for the Jikishinkage Ryu is known and so I am very interested in everything there is to this issue of publications and seminars.

In Germany, I Sasaki Genso Roshi known only as the teacher, one of regular Sesshin keeps. Sasaki Genso Roshi
(佐 々 木 玄宗, born 1947) is a Japanese Rinzai Roshi, a successor of the Tenryu-ji of the Rinzai Zen line. Sasaki Genso Roshi is a Zen teacher of the Jikishinkage-ryū 直 心 影 流 Kenjutsu and calligraphy (Hitsuzendô, the Zen path with the brush).

Sasaki Genso Roshi

Sasaki Genso Roshi
the Hitsuzendo

information on the content of Sesshin, pictures and an interesting film can be found here: Link

Sasaki Genso Roshi, among other things the teacher of the Netherlands living Afaq Saleem, in addition to Katori Shinto Ryu Jikishinkage Ryu practiced and taught. Afaq is a master of Japanese calligraphy and Sumi-e. He is truly a gifted artist and his website is worth seeing: Link

There is also the already mentioned in another article Chozen-Ji temple in Hawaii: Hojo / Chozen-ji with a report on Matsuba Kunimasa - swordsmith and martial artist .

are very interesting, the two DVDs " 直 心 影 流 - Jikishinkage Ryu Vol 1 and Vol 2 . This shows Sensei Iwasa Katsuhashi both the basics as well as the Ryu Kata.

Iwasa Katsuhashi Sensei

based as usual on the Five Element Theory:

This type of representation demonstrates that we it have to do with the really old Ryu, which includes more than just sword techniques.

Kashima Shinden Ryu Jikishinkage Volume 1
57 minutes.
All region NTSC.
Japanese Language.
$ 49.95

Kashima Shinden Ryu Jikishinkage Volume 2
60 minutes.
All region NTSC.
Japanese language
$ 49.95

Source: Mugendo Budogu

is particularly interesting is the Katana Sensei Iwasa Katsuhashi used in the video. A blade with a very small Zori 草 履 and half a double-edged sword.

The binding of Sageo of a round band is very interesting. Particularly striking in the binding of hakama that the way how to make a hakama ties has influence on how the lower abdomen (Hara / Tandem) supported and strengthened. This changes and influences the movement patterns very much.

Who really even want to treat yourself to something good, which these two DVDs are recommended.



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