Friday, October 16, 2009

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Daoyin Center Newsletter: Starting dates and events

Daoyin Center Newsletter: Starting dates and events

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear friends and friends of the Chinese arts,

this newsletter I wish to inform you about

- Our next week's newly started courses

- As well as some special events.

I fly even in a few hours together with 12 students for a training week to Mallorca. Those who want to escape the Paderborn November weather for a few minutes, it looks back at the plantation, we will stay in the J

Tracy is also currently in the distance: it takes until the end of this week, a lecturer of Beijing Sport University true, what we of course met with great pride. The university has hired Tracy for this winter semester as a lecturer in Nordic Walking. Full of excitement I've been waiting on photos from around Beijing with poles flexing Chinese ... J

New Courses with Tracy Davis from Monday 26 October 2009

Starting next week, Tracy will start with their new courses in Daoyin center in the 34th Street Neuhäuser

A special highlight for all yoga enthusiasts and early birds: In addition to her classes offers Tracy now, Wednesdays from 6 bis 7 clock (just yes, meant 6 clock in the morning!) A hour of yoga on.

found on our website in her left hand menu under "Course Schedule" the appropriate information. Please applications and direct your questions directly by e-mail or phone Tracy Davis.

Starting at Uli Rosen: Second week of January 2010

Because in just a few days our Chinese masters in Daoyin center as guest and me November will take on the whole, my new classes start again until the new year. A timely call to the new rates on Thursday Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan classes will follow on Friday. On our website you can find it directly on the home page link to my extra-flyer. Please direct your applications or questions directly by e-mail or phone to Uli roses.

events: Gong meditation on 22 October 2009 by 19 clock
On Thursday 22 October 2009, at 19:00 clock organize in cooperation with yoga teacher and therapist Matthias Höber a Gong Gong meditation. Matthew is our first with a powerful set Yoga Meditation on the mood, then we can in the supine position of the relaxing effect of the vibration and give Gong.

On our website you will find on the homepage the link to this event. Please direct your applications or questions directly by e-mail or phone Tracy Davis.

Master Seminar with Dr. Feng Yijian

This year we have Dr. Feng again the honor of his visit and teaches at

weekend 7 / 8 November, the middle stage of moving forms of Neiyanggong. The seminar

is for beginners and advanced users. You can find exact information

please the separate information flyer that will be published shortly on the home page of our website . Please direct your applications or questions directly by e-mail or phone to Uli roses.

Massage with Dr. Feng Yijian

I am particularly pleased that this year we again were able to convince Dr. Feng ,

our pupils and students we drink and the special treat of its traditional Tuina Massage

. The massage lasts about 45 minutes and is clothed and lying performed

. Tuina is the large, ancient Chinese sister of perhaps better-known Japanese

shiatsu massage. During the massage, the flow of qi throughout the body by various

manual techniques to the acupuncture points and meridians of Qi is stimulated. With Dr. Feng can

be discussed before the Board of Massage main points he then targeted for treatment

is. A long-lasting and highly effective enjoyment that convinced anyone who witnessed the Dr. Feng's hands ever

added. Sorry, we can offer a total of only a handful of massage appointments, because the schedule of this year, Dr. Feng is very full. The massages take place:

- Thursday, 5 November

- Friday, 6 November

Please direct your applications or questions as promptly as possible by e-mail or phone

Tracy Davis.

master seminars with Professor Hu Xiaofei

This year we are again Prof. Hu the honor of his visit and informed in the center of the road Driburger 42:

- weekend 14th and 15 November deepened Prof. Hu renal type 1

- weekend 28th and 29 November deepened Prof. Hu health form

Both seminars are aimed solely at those who have already learned these forms. The seminars will be released soon, a separate information flyer on our homepage. The Taijiquan groups as announced will be special events - please still have a little patience. Please direct your applications or questions directly by e-mail or phone to Uli roses.

For further information, I am happy when we start talking.


Uli Rose

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Shengri Kuaile!

(Photo: Copyright The Boston Globe (full photo gallery see link below)
Happy Birthday, PRC! The People's Republic of China celebrates today its 60th anniversary October 1 since it was founded by Mao Zedong 1949th

Anyone who has a little concerned with the history of the country would understand why our teachers, colleagues and friends have every reason to celebrate: In 1949 the country was bled dry by decades of Occupation of America, Britain, France and Germany, almost completely destroyed by the invasion of the Japanese and finally wiped out financially and morally in the power struggle of the communists and nationalists.
the past 60 years, developed the "sick man of Asia" for the largest exporting nation in the world, some 300 million people could be exempted from the total poverty, cities and industries have blossomed and generate wealth.

Despite all the failures of history and the known challenges, we must not forget the brilliant service has been provided mainly in the last thirty years. Our friends and us together the desire and hope that this trend continues in peace, freedom and prosperity for all.

Look here the entire photo gallery of the Boston Globe to the celebrations at.