Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playmobil Castle 3268 Instructions

Shengri Kuaile!

(Photo: Copyright The Boston Globe (full photo gallery see link below)
Happy Birthday, PRC! The People's Republic of China celebrates today its 60th anniversary October 1 since it was founded by Mao Zedong 1949th

Anyone who has a little concerned with the history of the country would understand why our teachers, colleagues and friends have every reason to celebrate: In 1949 the country was bled dry by decades of Occupation of America, Britain, France and Germany, almost completely destroyed by the invasion of the Japanese and finally wiped out financially and morally in the power struggle of the communists and nationalists.
the past 60 years, developed the "sick man of Asia" for the largest exporting nation in the world, some 300 million people could be exempted from the total poverty, cities and industries have blossomed and generate wealth.

Despite all the failures of history and the known challenges, we must not forget the brilliant service has been provided mainly in the last thirty years. Our friends and us together the desire and hope that this trend continues in peace, freedom and prosperity for all.

Look here the entire photo gallery of the Boston Globe to the celebrations at.


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