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Teaching and method THCP

Mascha Alex

Teaching Methods THCP

(Holistic Therapy Thought Field)

Mascha Alex,
• Clinical Psychologist , Rutgers Univ New Jersey USA,
• victimologists-Agresología-Criminology, Dipl.Univ. Paris-Nord 13, Faculty of Medicine and human biology international
• Teaching THCP (Holistic Therapy Thought Field)

HEP (Holistic Energy Psychology)
• Arts, and Dance Therapist * Teacher and Shiatsu therapist

• Author of books:
1) "unexpected connections, THCP Holistic Therapy Thought Field"

2) "To sin and forgive ... new approaches to mental health and physical
Food poisoning that affect the mind and body, intelligence
Cooking "(in English)

3)" Cross-emotional ", poems (in various languages)
4)" Alchemy of the Senses "poets Valencia Group A-rhyming, (in English)
5) "Transparency sense", poems (in English)

In preparation:

6) "Unerwartete Verbindung, HEP (Holistische Energie Psychologie) (in German)

7)" Creation of racines "poetry in French

8)" Wurzelnschlagen "poetry in German

--- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Born in Germany. His mother was Polish / German and Yugoslavian father.

He studied medicine and clinical psychology Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA,
continuing their education in Victimology (Trauma), University Paris Nord, UFR Santé Médecine Biologie Humaine of Bobigny.
Promoted in 1976 on the theme:
"Rehabilitation of the five senses states of dissociation after the trauma."

Continuing his search led her to improve in many ways novel therapeutic at that time as
Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Dance Therapy, Feldenkrais Method, bioenergetics, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Applied Kinesiology, Art, and Therapy, Dr. Flowers Bach, Rebirth, Colour Therapy, NLP, Chakra Therapy, Debriefing, EMDR, stress management, emergency intervention, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), EFT, TAT, Coaching, Career Guidance, personal growth, quantum therapy.

performed in 1995 training in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by Dr. Roger Callahan, Fifth-USA, the Thought Field Therapy.
and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) by Dr. Gary Craig and Sylvia Hartman.
psycho-energetic techniques, linking mind and body.

This new approach to physical and mental health changed and completed his life and working methods.
specializes in corporate and individual treatment of trauma, psycho-somatic diseases and severe disease, sequelae of trauma, all types of stress, career guidance, coaching. Specializing in trauma
she worked in various countries also in:
- Disasters,
- (Kosovo War, Mental Health Institute - Psychiatric Belgrad,)
- Several earthquakes in Chile,
- volcanic eruptions,
- mass poisoning of the population,
- Fire Department, the post stress traumatic and intoxication
- massive explosion in Toulouse, France
- Accidents (plane crash in Spain, 2008)
- post-traumatic stress in the police in France and Chile)
- Violence (institutions by victims in Chile)
- Terrorism in the Kongo / Africa)
- Stress management for nurses and doctors by the Red Cross in France,
- Emergency intervention in S. Sunday by the earthquake in Haiti,
Crises - Coaching for artists, professional athletes
- Changing Strategies in personal and professional life and studies
- Individual therapy for mental health problems and physical

Their interventions international conferences and professional trainings have been recognized in various places where you have exercised.

Her curiosity led her to develop the holistic concept
Holistic Therapy Thought Field (THCP).

Holistic Therapy Thought Field (THCP) is Mascha a technique developed by Alex, on the basis of Dr. Roger Callahan's TFT and rescheduling is a bio-magnetic field of DNA (re-synchronization biochemistry, PH) and epi-genetic dynamics.

The THCP is based on elements of Chinese medicine, of Kinesiology (Dr. Goodheart and Dr. Diamond), neuro-lymphatic points and meridian points, breathing and cognitive psychology, focusing on the times The entries of the trauma while allowing quantum dimension ..
This therapy falls within the domain of "Psychology-Medicine-quantum energy" because it promotes synchronization frequency of oscillations of the brain and central and autonomic nervous system that allows you to "deprogram" and re-synchronize the dissociations caused by trauma to their biochemical consequences, emotional, mental and physical / organic.

This tends to re-establish equilibrium biochemical brain, mental, hormonal, pH, neuro-muscular tension and emotional, neuro-biological chain, always disturbed during traumatic events that persist over time, leading to erroneous beliefs . The re-synchronization
brain biochemistry reorders - in a very short time-
perception in time and space, in the proprioceptive avoiding forms of psycho-physical stress, which can cause:
addictions, insomnia, personality disorders, phobias, obsessions, anxieties or psycho-physical decompensation (fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, neuro-degernativas, indecision, work, tentative suicide .., etc.).

However, despite the relative success of this method, practiced by the author for 16 years, still observed a significant proportion of relapses during re-memorization process.
then turned an interesting challenge to investigate the causes of these recurrences.
seemed logical, you can not just treat the symptom without addressing the context of trauma (which causes relapse.)
relevant elements of this context may be, for example in an accident:
People, animals, substances, food, places, environment , fire, Microorganisms!, poisoning, causing allergies, etc.
These elements of the context of such conditions as trauma is the trauma itself and cause an adrenaline addiction, which can reach the addiction.

A full healing is only possible if these additional factors are diagnosed and treated.
To prevent relapses is therefore essential to find out the date - time in which the trauma occurred, inquiring until transgenerational times, both the maternal and paternal side.
also can come from several generations or lifetimes ago.

According to scientific research (Dr. Van der Koelk, Dr. Nicosia, Dr. Selye, Dr. Rossi, Dr. Brian Weiss, Ruediker Dahlke, Thoward Detlefson ..) we know that traumatic experiences are part and Epi-deformed dynamics genetics and DNA, so come to have inherited.
traumas are also defined in this way in memory and collective memory: eg
wars, disasters, collective violence, times of famine, epidemics. , Transmitted several generations.
The body's immune system weakened by the trauma that causes an imbalance in the Central Nervous System and by the influx of excessive stress hormones, can not defend himself from attack by microorganisms, Poison or intolerances that are connected with the trauma .. and therefore, instances of malfunctioning.

The same cause, again, changes in neurotransmission, leading to internal short-circuit energy imbalances, neural, hormonal, organic, psychological and behavioral, for the biochemical reaction in the blood (accumulation of red blood cells during stress, preventing the oxygenation of the blood, changing the pH, the acid / base balance, the energy center).

The neural network of the heart, in all its functions and senses, decenter and hurts us our existence.

This creates a vicious circle, unconscious self-sabotage that cause chronic diseases and mental ailments.

Solo recital and trying all these biochemical interactions, can ensure a complete healing - physical, psycho-energetic, with no relapses in a holistic concept - Global.

is a "clean" neuronal repair and discover their potential.
------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------

The conferences
additional details and information about the workshops scheduled by the teacher.
The course will teach you how this method-psycho-physical energy, is effective both for treatment himself as to others, finding a balance between mind and body.

students at the end of the course will begin working directly with THCP.

possible to arrange individual sessions with Alex Mascha below or before the course, with prior reservation.
sessions or courses can be conducted in English, German, French, English or Italian.

Tel 0034 96 33 60 504 / 0034 6789 58 682 Valencia

mascha.ziemski @ Google: Alex THCP
Mascha Blog: http://maschaalexthcp.blogspot . com /


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