Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Mike Sigman Workshop in Bremen - to March 2011

Mike Sigman has over 45 years experience in the martial arts. In the last 20 years
he has focused on the body mechanics of the internal
analyze arts (eg, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Aikido).
His particular interest is the unusual force that demonstrate the real
Can these arts. He teaches a method that
understand basic principles of the internal force (internal strength)
and training methods to develop them, regardless of the

Mike lives in Colorado (USA). He has his "internal strength workshops"
held around the world and written many magazine articles. He is administrator of the
QiJin list, an internet forum dedicated to the analysis
this internal strength and is also in various other Internet forums

Mike Sigman comes in March 2011 in Bremen:

Sat, 12th and Sunday, 13 March 2011,
from 10:00 to about 17:00 clock

location of the seminar, the Aikido Zen Dojo Association is located in the district with very
good accessibility by public transport. The contents of
Sunday on which logical build from Saturday on, so is the
participation on Sunday, the Saturday ahead.

Cost: 130 € for both days, 70 € for only the Saturday.
night in the dojo is possible, but there are also several hotels and
Hostel in Bremen.

The number of participants is limited. To reserve a place, is
a deposit of 20 € is required.

For details on registration, accommodation etc. please send an e-mail



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