Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Outdoor Dojo

Budobegeisterte Many unfortunately do not have the luck a dojo or a gym near their place of residence to have. Often also offers her own apartment no way the Iaito Bokken or swing without severe material damage to anything. But that has no reason not to practice. There certainly are examples that show that can be realized without "fixed abode" effective training possible and even enjoyable.

The "River City Aikido " club from Richmond, Virginia, and specifically trained all year in the wild. I thank Brian Hill Sensei for their support.

O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba trained a lot in the wild.

There are so many reasons why outdoor exercise. You have no regard for walls and furnishings company. You can practice with a Jo large area without any fear to hurt another sportsman.

However, one of the truly decisive reasons for which this is a kind of primitive, traditional, original and archetypal training method. When you think of all the generations of people for thousands of years before us have martial arts in the open air, in dusty clearings, practiced surrounded by old trees, so this is a very different scene than one would want in a floor wax and old sweat after smelling gym. After the film "Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise was in theaters, and similar associations were Iaido immense popularity. Not least because of the really appealing images of practicing under the open sky warriors. It will not tell me that he has not addressed. This archetypal feeling is what many look for in Budo, and unfortunately can not find.

There is a kind of genetic memory that Under these circumstances, wakes up and tells you that there is a reason just to train Sun The first time you hold a sword or bokken in hand and in the direction of the rising sun intersects with a beating heart from hard training, can begin to feel that you are connected to an old tradition.
Another reason for outdoor training is to want to just be out. How many people still go into nature and spend time outdoors? For this I am not counting the time on a bicycle or motorcycle. We spend our time in isolation from the real world and the elements.

It's just fun! If we are out Remember how we play as children one or two hours spent in the rain, or even better, playing in the snow!

Mike Smith, a Kyudo students & teachers
- he is also the owner of the Trident Booksellers & Cafe -
a Kyudo Kyudo ceremony at the dojo out in Boulder, Colorado before.

outdoor training gives one the hardcore martial arts, warriors an excuse to "go outside and play!" Finally back completely eingesaut, wet, sweaty and dirty to be!
Many people go jogging every foul weather, so why not martial arts training outdoors? The alternative is jogging on the treadmill with an MP3 player and TV.

The group of Sensei Brian Hill in the snow

In Japan, trains have always been outdoors. Especially after the war when the weapons training was banned by the occupying power, many Budoka met outside the villages or towns, and practiced in the open, protected by small forest, far from the watchful eyes of the henchmen of General MacArthur.

Sandals, there are others in Dick .
This is also suitable socks.

Or Waraji 草鞋
Tabi 足 袋

What, however, when outdoor training should be given the right clothes.

There are basically two ways, either you wear ONLY functional clothing you wear or traditional clothing (with or without functional underwear). Cotton is OK in the summer there is the old advice to dress in layers. What can I take with you, what can not you wear one does not sit well, but do not tighten again.

footwear is advisable. You can either traditional sandals worn with or without Tabi, Geta with one or two teeth or Japanese Zimmermann Tabi with rubber sole, which I myself prefer (here, the luxury version ). If you have broken the little toe almost time because the ground was uneven ....

comes out to play!

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