Friday, February 18, 2011

39 Weeks And Having Alot Of Discharge

Addendum and Addendum: Outdoor Dojo "and" Kurikara and Tanren Uchi "

Here are some links and references to my articles: Outdoor Dojo and Kurikara and Tanren Uchi

One is a really interesting film with O-Sensei, a real-time document:

Also on the side of one of my most loved blog "Life for a Sword" is there an interesting article with beautiful old movies. In articles and in the movies to get them quickly, that the great design Bokken and the whole civilized "Dojotum" are nonsense. The world is bigger than the perimeter of a closed room.

Kyushu 九州 - Where the Wild Things Are

Tanren Uchi Here you can see some fascinating pictures!

The world exists out there in "The Big Blue Room." Remember that the ritual, standardized indoor Budo.



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