Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Kurikara and Tanren Uchi

Durch Zufall bin ich auf John Maki Evans gestoßen. Eigentlich war es ein Bild in dem er Kirioroshi, einen vertikalen Schnitt, ausführt. Auf diesem Bild ist der Schnitt in elf Phasen sehr eindrucksvoll dargestellt.

Kirioroshi. Photo: John Maki Evans

Then I found on his website some interesting information. After that it was a short way connect with John making personal contact.

John teaches in his dojo in London and has published a very interesting book

Kurikara: The Sword and the Serpent
John Maki
Evans Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Blue Snake Books, 2010
ISBN-10: 1583942440
ISBN-13: 978-1583942444
about EUR 13, -
In Mikkyo - the Japanese esoteric Buddhism - the dragon symbolizes Kurikara the internal energy that is developed through work with the sword. Kurikara is a manifestation of the fierce and passionate Fudo Myoo Bodhisattva (Japanese for "steadfast, clear-headed king"), the patron saint of Japanese ascetics and warriors, who with his sword destroyed the illusion and material attachments and removed. Fudo Myoo fights with his sword of wisdom to the ignorance and the arising therefrom unbridled greed. This leads to the development of internal energy with which we all obstacles on the path to spiritual Freedom "burn" can.

"Kurikara: The Sword and the Serpent" deals with the eight fundamental principles of the sword, which are equal for all Japanese sword schools, and emphasizes the development of energy and concentration. John Evans describes practical examples from his many years of experience in swordsmanship. John was the first foreign student who was allowed to train under Sensei Nakamura Taisaburo and describe how the skills learned there systematic Tanren (exercises which the "inner" and connect "external" force) can be developed. The book is filled with useful anecdotes from John's time in Japan as well as the spiritual foundation of education.
places special emphasis on John "Tanren" training with the Bokken in which is cut to a goal. Tanren Uchi is also known as "the forging of Gesites" means. If you make every day about 100 repetitions of this exercise soon becomes clear what is meant.

Tanren Uchi is a very traditional training method that helps the proper use of the entire body when cutting, especially to learn of the hips.

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One of the biggest advantages of the Tanren is that you get when cutting an immediate kinesthetic feedback provided by the bokken. If a cut has been performed incorrectly, the feeling is transmitted through the Bokken completely different from a correct cut. Of course, also lies precisely in this response is dangerous. If you have this kind of training without expert guidance "wild" runs itself, the disc or the joint report long ago and it can cause serious and permanent damage.

traditionally has not Tanren Uchi as now conducted with a car tire, but with a bunch of green, fresh branches (even now in early spring) on a wooden block. This can also set up today on a training course in the open.

The exercises can be customized with a "normal" Bokken or perform with a much thicker and heavier bokken. However, those who exercise outdoors, which can carve their way simply does not have a club and spend big money on expensive exercise equipment. This method is also quite common in Japan. To develop a reasonable Tenouchi there is nothing better than Uchi Tanren daily with 100 reps.

Uchikomi goals. Photo: John Maki read Evans

know more about these interesting and useful training methods would like to be recommended the book of John.



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