Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gurgling Feeling In Upper Stomach

Daoyin Center Newsletter: Tuesday's action "Headache and Migraine

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear friends and friends of the Chinese arts,

tomorrow, Sunday, we organize from 14 bis 17 clock our next action "Headache and Migraine" at the center in the Driburger road 42:

action "Headache and Migraine 26 April

Together with our partners in health TAO Park be dedicated to tomorrow, Sunday the question of the role, consequences and coping with stress in daily life. School physician, medical practitioner, TCM doctors, pharmacists and physical therapists think of 14 bis 17 clock lectures, organize participatory events and offer individual advice. Those who want to learn about diverse and competent, is cordially invited. The event is free and registration is not necessary to provide any timely coming and going and will be provided for drinks and biscuits. J

on the website of the TAO health park can you take a look at the other events and take the therapy offered by the Parks: www.tao-

Tai Chi Vertiefertag
On Sunday, 3rd May, the Sunday of the Spring Festival, we practice from 9:30 bis 17 clock for a whole day Taijiquan (lunch break from 12:30 bis 14 clock). Form of depression, keynote speeches and lots of practice in the park of Daoyin center. 6 times 60 minutes. Fee € 60. Happy to advise you, Uli Rose.

Neiyang Gong Vertiefertag
On Sunday, 3rd May, the Sunday of the Spring Festival, we offer the possibility of the movements and deepening forms of Neiyang Gong of 17 bis 20 clock. Who was present at the seminars with Dr. Feng Yijian, will find the way to repeat the forms and practicing. 3 times 60 minutes. Fee € 30. Then drink and snack if desired. Happy to advise you, Uli Rose.

For further information, I am happy when we start talking.


Uli Rose


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