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Daoyin Center Newsletter: Qingming Festival

Daoyin Center Newsletter: Qingming Festival

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear friends and friends of the Chinese arts,

the most comfortable advantage you have when you live in two cultures, in that the Holidays to celebrate BOTH cultures. Today celebrates the world of our Chinese friends, the Qingming Festival, one of the highest holidays of the year, which is in the People's Republic of China official holiday.

Qingming Festival on 4 April 2009

seems with it, as would follow the Qingming Festival the pervasive idea of Yin and Yang:

On the one hand, Qingming's official All Souls' Day, roughly comparable to our All Souls Day. The family gets together and commemorate the ancestors. The graves are swept and decorated, candles are lit and all sorts of paper goods, like cars, shoes and money are burned to meet the ancestors in the afterlife are available.

On the other hand, Qingming also marked the beginning of spring, as it always falls in early April. As with us since the rise Last Friday here in general, the temperatures and the climate is friendlier. The fields are again ready to Aussaht and farm life cycle begins again.

shall devolve on the Qingming Festival, these two things together almost naturally: Farewell to winter in the role of the deceased and the new beginning of spring with its again becoming powerful sun. And like Yin and Yang are both together now, and complement dependent and need each other to develop skills.

Remember: Meditation & cinema tomorrow, Sunday

Meditation & cinema on Sunday 5 April 2009

To kick off the school holidays we offer on Sunday evening, 5 April 18 to 22 clock in the center of Daoyin Neuhäuser Straße 34 an introduction to sitting meditation at the Daoyin. The event is independent of the previous events and can be visited by anyone.

We start the evening with some qigong exercises to arrive. Subsequently, Uli Rose an introduction to sitting meditation of Daoyin. We practice exercises of silence, attention focusing and the empty, mostly sitting. The topic of the conversation between the pulses based units will be the central demand of meditation for 'presence in the moment ". Previous experience or special skills are required.

look After the meditation we projectors on large screen the film " Star Trek: Insurrection ," a movie from the famous Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, on the visual power As the aspect of presence realized in the moment.

snacks and drinks please bring your own. Fee for the entire evening: 12 €. Registration is not necessary - is there is there ...

A beautiful spring weekend!

Uli Rose


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