Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will My Pipes Freeze 2010

Daoyin Center Newsletter: Xīnnián Kuaile

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends
and friends of the Chinese arts,

today Monday 26 January 2009 begins, the Chinese year of the buffalo / cattle.

Together with some 1.5 billion Chinese in the world, we are celebrating the New Year's Day. On this occasion, which includes traditional in China a great week-long family celebration, I wish you all the best - or just in Chinese: Kuaile Xīnnián.

I go straight for the new year this through your head:

On one of my last flights, it was her weather is high and we were shaken up, because we had to pass through several layers of clouds closed. But suddenly broke the horizon and we could see a brilliant spectacle of nature: Between two cloud layers formed a large rainbow - and a circular rainbow. Instead of the usual semi-circle was formed, the full circle. I had never seen: between the layers of clouds hung a huge color circle and shone in all the typical seven colors.

I could not help thinking the fact that so then perhaps the old Irish children's story was refuted by which the dwarfs at the end of the rainbow hiding a pot of gold, finds the one that follows the rainbow to its end.

For us practitioners of Chinese arts, the circular rainbow, but the more appropriate metaphor, for looking for gold (wealth and property) we really do not. Where do we go so if we walk down the rainbow, and this is circular? We come back home. To ourselves To where we started walking. Perhaps this is the real treasure at the end of the rainbow. You yourself And he was right from the start. Thanks, weather.

In this sense I wish you and me that we in this Year of the Ox again more we meet and find themselves and discover new.

All good wishes vonUli roses and Tracy Davis


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