Thursday, January 22, 2009

How To Get Puffle Without Bein

Recommended reading: Bad Carma David Safier

for entertaining hours in bed, on vacation or traveling, I would like "Bad Carma " recommend.

Summary ( ) experienced
The presenter Kim Long a day of triumph: they won the German Television Prize. Too bad that she is killed the same evening of the debris falling down a Russian space station. In the afterlife, she learns that she has collected a lot in her life too much lousy karma - and promptly gets presented with the bill. Kim finds himself in a hole again, has two probes, six legs and a disproportionately large abdomen: it is an ant! Kim has little desire henceforth cake crumbs around the area to haul. They also can not allow her husband consoles himself with a new one. But as an ant, it is powerless. There is only one way out: Good karma must be here, so that on the reincarnation ladder rises again!

I like the book for its wit and direct his unpretentious manner - written simply, quickly told and, above all, full of hidden agendas and interesting impulses for the "next life".

Thank you, David, for this recommendation.


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